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L3 PVS31a 2376+ min FOM WP - Aviation Spot Spec

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L3Harris PVS-31a (Aviation Spot Spec)


The L3 PVS-31A is an extremely light weight binocular night vision goggle.  The PVS-31 was designed by L3 in conjunction with USSOCOM to replace the PVS-15.  The unit features an articulating housing with manual gain, a battery pack, and incredible tube resolution.

The PVS-31 can be run both off of an onboard AA battery or powered from the included battery pack.  Because of the light weight design, the user does not need to run a counterweight and can simply use the battery pack to balance the helmet. The PVS-31 battery pack also has an on board IR strobe for signaling and aerial identification.  The IR strobe is operated by a single switch on the back of the battery pack.  One great thing about the ability to run a battery pack is the speed in which the goggles can be up and running.  With the PVS-31 the user simply can drop the dovetail on a Wilcox G24 mount and plug in the battery cable to the battery pack port on the PVS-31 housing and use their goggles.

The PVS-31A has an articulating housing with independently rotating optical pods.  This lets the user deploy both tubes or a single tube.  This is especially helpful when users are deploying their PVS-31’s while using a thermal device.  The optical pod articulation also lets users stow their goggles without having to flip the goggles up on the helmet mount.  This reduces snag hazard and additional height added to the helmet.


The PVS-31A uses L3 Filmless White Phosphor autogated image intensifier tubes with a 2376 min FOM rating from the factory.  These filmless tubes provide incredible clarity, low light and high light performance, and increased depth perception.  These are L3’s most advanced intensifier tubes and offers significant performance increases over other white phosphor systems.

2376 minimum FOM Unfilmed White Phosphor:

  • FOM: 2,376  minimum
  • Milspec Spot Spec: can have max 4 spots per tube larger than .003″, no spots larger than .003″ in zone 1.  Spots </= .003″ are acceptable.
  • This option is how they ship standard from L3Harris.