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Hytera PD682i & PD782 Complete Communication Packages

Hytera PD682i & PD782 Complete Communication Packages

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Ready to go comms setups. From the moment you open the box.
Bombproof, tested, high quality gear.
Advanced radio that is setup super simple. As you grow in the comms world the radio will grow with you.
About the Radio-
These are commercial grade radios. Not consumer. What that means is they are louder, clearer, more secure and best of
all bombproof.
Plastic over a magnesium skeleton. The display is hardened glass.
They are made knowing that lives can and do depend on them.

HYTERA PD782 in UHF covering 400-470mhz
IP67 Rated*
Analog/Digital DMR
Color Display
Battery lasts 10-11 hours per charge.
Encryption capable on digital
Scrambler capable on analog
-Easy to use menu layout
-14pin connection will never come loose like cheaper radios
-Covert mode kills all light and sound, except to your headset
-Pre-programed with zones. I have them setup to run on GMRS* so you can link up with just about any other radio out there with a
few taps.
-Scanning is setup so you can see if there is activity and reply.
-These are FPP enabled*. This means as you learn you can add your own local channels in digital or analog through the keypad.
I have setup zones for you already.

If you want to nerd out on specs here is the link to Hytera:
About the PTT-
It may seem like just a cord with a button. The truth is it can be a huge weak point in your comms system.
We have personally used Comms Gear Supply PTT setups over the last couple years. They very well made and thought out.
The PTT button has a great clip and comes with rubber armor. The QD connector it uses is excellent. With the connector on your radio
you can QD to any other Hi-rose attachment. Security style earpieces as an example.
*You should go on the FCC and get your GMRS license, it is $70 for 10 years and covers your whole family. You will be issued a call
sign and you can talk on repeater networks in your area.
*FPP should only be used when you know what you are doing. If you delete or change the programing provided it will be your responsibility
to fix it.
*IP67 represents one of the highest levels of protection offered by an IP rating. This rating provides: Complete protection against ingress of dust and airborne particles.
Protection against water and liquids, up to and including immersion in up to one meter of water.
Each radio comes with-

Hytera PD782 UHF1 (Pre-programed)
Desk Charger
Power Plug

Pick the package that’s gets you going.
Radio alone-
• Hytera PD782
Do you have Ops-Core Amps or Peltors with com downlead?
• Hytera PD782
• Comms Gear Supply PTT with Hi-rose QD
• Hytera QD Adapter for Hi-rose
Plug and play setup for your helmet or headset.
I need all the things. The Works!
• Hytera PD782
• Comms Gear Supply PTT with Hi-rose QD
• Hytera QD Adapter for Hi-rose
• Peltor Comtac VI in Black with single comms downlead
(Also includes, extra ear gel set, helmet mount)