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L3/Harris CNVD-LR UF WP 2376+ PVS24LR-LR

L3/Harris CNVD-LR UF WP 2376+ PVS24LR-LR

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Based on the standard-issue AN/PVS-24 (M2124), the L3Harris CNVD-LR (Clip-On Night Vision Device – Long Range) converts an existing magnified day scope into a long range-capable night vision optic.  The CNVD-LR attaches to M1913 Picatinny Rail in front of standard day scopes.  Using a fast catadioptric lens, it gathers more light than its little brother, allowing it to provide crisp night vision images out to extended distances.  The CNVD-LR can be easily attached and removed so the operator only needs to carry one weapon system for both day and night engagements.  Clip-on sights offer other benefits such as allowing shooters to maintain established eye relief on their day scope and the ability to use it in front of a spotting scope as well.


The CNVD-LR uses an L3Harris Gen3 Unfilmed White Phosphor image intensifier tube with a minimum Figure of Merit (FOM – Signal to Noise Ratio x lp/mm Resolution) of 2376, one of the highest guaranteed minimum performance specifications currently available on the market.  Coupled with its 68mm objective lens, it produces superior images at extended ranges.  The CNVD-LR is categorized as a “long range clip-on,” putting it in the same category as the AN/PVS-27 and AN/PVS-26.  Coupled with a high quality day scope, it can identify a moving human out to 1,800 meters.  The L3Harris body housing has some very user-friendly interfacing.  Focus is adjustment is accomplished with a top-mounted lever that is extremely easy to find and use in the dark.  This design allows for incredibly fine adjustments.  A standard rear-facing pull-knob provides on/off and gain adjustment.  Basically, the controls are laid out for ease of use when the CNVD-LR is mounted forward of the day scope and requires little movement on the part of the shooter to reach.


The CNVD-LR is optimized for 8X-12X magnified optics.  But, on a clear night, we were able to get the magnification up to 14X using a Nightforce NXS 3.5-15×50 scope.  While the identification range of a moving human is about 1,800 meters, we found the recognition range (is the human friend or foe?) to be about 450 meters, give or take.  Like other long range clip-on sights, recognition is accomplished through overall feature recognition (such as recognizing helmets, equipment, etc.).  Facial recognition can be done at about 120-130 meters.  Obviously, these distances are depending on the ambient lighting conditions and the quality of the glass in the day scope coupled with the CNVD-LR.


The CNVD-LR features a lightweight hybrid body housing comprised of high-impact polymer and aerospace-grade aluminum.  It is lighter and smaller than other clip-on sights in its class.  It is specifically designed to withstand repeated recoil of Medium-caliber weapon systems up to 7.62 NATO.  The unit is powered by a single 3V CR123 battery, but comes with a conversion that allows it to be run on a single AA battery.


Export of Night Vision Equipment or related accessories (such as manuals) is strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).  It is a major crime to ship or carry US manufactured night vision devices outside the borders of the United States, punishable by fines and prison sentences.  Ignorance of these regulations will not hold up in court.  By purchasing night vision equipment from TNVC, you attest that you will not attempt to export or carry this night vision equipment outside the borders of the United States.  Also, it illegal to allow a non-US Citizen to look through US Gen3 Night Vision Devices, even on US soil.  Again, this is a crime punishable by fines and prison sentences.