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Ops-Core AMP Communication Headset – Connectorized NFMI - 3-4 days to process orders

Ops-Core AMP Communication Headset – Connectorized NFMI - 3-4 days to process orders

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Ops-Core AMP Communication Headset

The Ops-Core Adaptive Mission Platform (AMP) Communication Headset is a modular communication headset that is designed to serve both standalone and helmet mounted earpro / communication applications with ease. The Ops-Core AMP NFMI enabled headset is a fully modular system that features quick connect and disconnect pods. This allows the user to quickly go from running the AMP as a headset to running it mounted directly to the helmet.

The Ops-Core AMP Communication Headset is not like other electronic ear protection due to its 3D Hear Through Technology. This 3D Hear Through Technology uses multidirectional microphones to give the user the ability to better detect directional sound. This enhanced directional sound detection gives users the advantage to better detect and react to sound.

The NFMI enabled AMP features the option to run an in ear bud that connects wirelessly to the AMP to provide doubled up ear protections while still retaining full comms and passthrough sound. The AMP system with the optional NFMI earbuds is the best way to have double ear protection while retaining situational awareness and full benefit of electronic ear-pro. The NFMI earbuds are sold separately can can be added at any time to the NFMI enable AMP.

When connected to a helmet with the Ops-Core Helmet Mounted Rail Kit the Amps fold to the rear of the helmet to save space and balance weight. This is a welcomed feature to those experienced with running helmet mounted ear-pro. Other systems provide less than desired seals around the ear and are overall less effective.

With modular options for headband or helmet mounted and double or single hearing protection the Ops-Core AMP Communication headset is out favorite ear-pro on the market.

NFMI Enabled Connectorized Variant: This variant is the NFMI Enabled, Connectorized variant. This is the most flexible and modular variant that Ops-Core offers. The NFMI Enabled Connectorized AMP features dual connectors for modular downlead cables. This lets the user elect if downleads are used and which downleads. When downleads are not in use they have a waterproof plug. This variant also lets the user choose wether they use the optional NFMI earbuds for double ear protection. Non NFMI enabled units cannot be converted later. Because of these benefits this is the variant we choose to stock.