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Motorola APX6000 1.5 VHF (Set of 2)

Motorola APX6000 1.5 VHF (Set of 2)

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Motorola APX6000 1.5 VHF x2

These both come programed to talk to each other using the highest level of encryption available. Setup and ready to go. They also have the MURS channels programmed to talk with any other VHF radio like Baofeng. MURS can be used without any license.

I went through both of these radios and did new seals and upgraded knobs. They are in terrific condition. Both have clean tags and no depot.

Impress batt x 2
Motorola VHF Stubby Ant x2
Clip plugs installed as seen in pictures. Clips will also be included x2
Charger x 1
Moto Holster x1
CGS QD adapter x1
CGS Poltac PTTx1