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Motorola SRX2200 UHF R1

Motorola SRX2200 UHF R1

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SRX 2200 UHF R1 -
Every option, assembly in the USA. It has FPP and all the encryption algorithms.

Comes totally programmed to make use of GMRS, APX Secure, UHF Itinerant frequencies and more. Local ham and GMRS repeaters can be entered via FPP on the keypad.

Motorola APX SRX2200 UHF R1

This is the cleanest unit I have ever had.
Legit tags and factory Options. No depot
Correct UHF Antenna
Impress 2 Battery
Plastic Holster
Disco 32 Blade Antenna / US Made
Silynx PTT for APX in FDE